fjs lecture2 Fr. Jerome is an Orthodox priest under the Bulgarian diocese. He pastors a small mission in Nashville Indiana. He and his wife Popadia Anna, have 4 children. He lives in the back woods of central Indiana and supports his family writing icons, designing and carving iconostases, altars and other church furniture.
He has studied iconography with Mother Catherine Westin, Ksenia Prokrov- a Russian iconographer and Panayiotis Mihalopoulos- a Greek iconographer.
Fr. Jerome has written and illustrated two books: St. Moses the Ethiopian which tells the life of the notorious criminal who became a saint; and Saints of Africa ( written with his cousin Dr. Carla Thomas) which tells the story of each of the saints depicted on the Saints of Africa Icon.
He lectures on iconography, the Desert Fathers, Interior Prayer, contemplation and a variety of other subjects. Some of his talks can be heard on Ancient Faith radio under Ancient Christianity and Afro American conference.

Jerome in dome